About Us

Offering sweets to our near and dear ones on auspicious days like Pongal is considered a mandate in our southern culture. The very essence of “including” your relatives in gleeful festivities needs to be celebrated and we at The Pongal Basket would like to step on that pedestal pretty strongly!

Imagine receiving your relatives home with a box of native sweets from different locations of Tamil Nadu. Or gifting your friends who live away from you with a box that contains the best edibles of each district, meticulously curated to remind you and your friends of our roots. 

The aroma of each sweet/ savoury, the idea behind giving something that reminds you of where you hail from and the quintessential factor of beginning a festival on a “sweeter” note is the motive behind The Pongal Basket.   

The pongal basket emphasises on the term, “embracing the roots” and has been striving to spread smiles, one box of native sweets at a time!

Come devour the staples of various districts of Tamil Nadu through our Special Pongal Basket. 

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